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Adapting to the changing needs of BPM

July 20, 2009

All businesses adapt and their requirements change. Workflow software meets the changing needs of your business processes through efficiency and automation. 

These include: 

  • The ability to build user-friendly workflows and applications;
  • Providing users with management tools, automated processes and integration with their current technologies;
  • A dashboard that displays an overall view of each workflow initiated;
  • A Wizard to make form creation, report generation and other information management tasks easy;
  • Easy monitoring of tasks and users.

Workflow software streamlines your processes and offering a complete and cost-effective solution.


Improving Financial Reporting With Workflow

July 15, 2009


Workflow and Financial Reporting

Workflow and Financial Reporting

Businesses of all sizes feel the pinch when it’s time to submit financial reports.

Whether it’s your BAS, or your end of year report – financial reporting involves comprehensive and accurate input.

Within large and publicly held companies, End of Year, End of Quarter or End of Month Reporting can be a complex array of tasks that span the width and depth of the business.

Workflow software can make financial reporting easier to manage and save a lot of time.

Web and Flo have developed their flagship workflow software product, Kontinuum, with complex tasks and deadlines in mind. Kontinuum continues to be trusted by large financial institutions, and has been used by a major Australian Bank to assist in their financial reporting process with great success.

Check out our website for more information, or if you need help with streamlining your financial reporting. We can help by saving you time, stress and resources.




Building a website and workflow

July 13, 2009
Building websites using workflow

Building websites using workflow

Building a new website this weekend made me realise how important a workflow solution really is.

I should’ve known better, but I launched myself into the abyss with no plan or workflow schedule. Of course I can get this done in a weekend, I thought.

Design first, or content first? If you start the design first, all sorts of problems appear.

Things like:

  • The logo needs changing
  • The colours are wrong
  • How many content pages do I need?
  • What are the links?
  • How many menu items do I want?

Simple issues, maybe. But time-consuming and frustrating. Had I implemented a plan and streamlined my processes, I wouldn’t have been sitting in front of my computer at 2am this morning!

Workflow is beneficial to any project, no matter how small. A dashboard that shows you immediately what the scope of the project is, how far you are in the process – and what tasks still lie ahead, makes things clearer and less frustrating in the early hours of the morning.

Web and Flo will consult with you and find out what your specific needs are regarding complete workflow solutions. Check out our website for more information.


Improving Efficiency with Workflow Solutions

June 11, 2009

Although all need to lower process costs during a recession, we also need to improve efficiency during boom times.

The key to lowering process costs and improving efficiency is by streamlining our operations. We can start by:

  • Managing change
  • Aiming for better visibility and accountability
  • Ensuring best practices are adhered to
  • Providing better service to customers
  • Ensuring timelines are met

Effectively, the best way to streamlining your processes is by adopting a workflow solution.

It’s well worth asking a reputable workflow solutions firm for an analysis of your needs (some will offer this for free) and work with them to tailor a workflow solution specifically designed for your needs and budget.

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