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Cost Advantages of Workflow Software

July 17, 2009
Save Time and Money with Workflow Software

Save Time and Money with Workflow Software

Do you need to deliver more with less?

There are many cost advantages to deploying a Workflow Solution.  Workflow software like Kontinuum can provide one system for all your different workflow applications, thus saving on the cost or purchasing and maintaining separate systems.

By using the Workflow Designer your best practices are always followed as the business process is designed by you. This ensures users follow procedures, errors are reduced, and the company is run the way it is intended.

Kontinuum wizards enable you to cut the development time and cost of creating custom applications by up to 80%. Users with limited IT skills create their own web-based applications eliminating the need for expensive programmers. Database structures are created automatically thus a database administrator is no longer required.

Since our workflow software is 100% browser based there is no need for system upgrades, or dedicated servers.

Our flexible pricing allows you to only pay for users who use the system, and occasional users pay a greatly reduced rate. Web and Flo provides a cost effective solution whatever the size, or the requirements, of your business might be.