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Manage Your Processes From Anywhere

September 28, 2009
Manage Processes from Anywhere with Web-based Workflow Software

Manage Processes from Anywhere with Web-based Workflow Software

Can you access your systems from anywhere? Can you see at a glance what tasks are completed? Can you immediately tell which job is past its deadline?

With web-based online workflow software, you can log directly into your processes from your beach house, your local cafe or your home. You can immediately monitor tasks, reminders and processes from one central area.

Kontinuum’s web-based nature allows you to involve your staff, clients and alliance partners wherever they may be. Being web-based, Kontinuum supports the involvement of staff, clients and partners in your workflow regardless of location.

This allows clients to see status reports in real time instead of having to call you. Not only does this your provide clients with a better service – it also reduces the time and costs of chasing information for clients.


Improving Financial Reporting With Workflow

July 15, 2009


Workflow and Financial Reporting

Workflow and Financial Reporting

Businesses of all sizes feel the pinch when it’s time to submit financial reports.

Whether it’s your BAS, or your end of year report – financial reporting involves comprehensive and accurate input.

Within large and publicly held companies, End of Year, End of Quarter or End of Month Reporting can be a complex array of tasks that span the width and depth of the business.

Workflow software can make financial reporting easier to manage and save a lot of time.

Web and Flo have developed their flagship workflow software product, Kontinuum, with complex tasks and deadlines in mind. Kontinuum continues to be trusted by large financial institutions, and has been used by a major Australian Bank to assist in their financial reporting process with great success.

Check out our website for more information, or if you need help with streamlining your financial reporting. We can help by saving you time, stress and resources.




How workflow software helps Managers

June 29, 2009
Manage your team effectively with workflow software

Manage your team effectively with workflow software

Workflow software gives you extensible reporting tools and real time views to manage your resources, monitor business activity, control business processes and ensure service standards are met. 

Teams can often be geographically dispersed, which may mean a logistical nightmare to manage. Web-based (real-time) workflow software allows you to manage your team proactively –  not reactively.

Check out our website to see if our workflow software, Kontinuum, is right for you. Otherwise, give us a call (numbers below). We love what we do and will never pressure you into anything.

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