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What is Cloud Computing?

November 12, 2009

Cloud computing seems to be “it” these days. However, how many of us really understand cloud computing? Web and Flo conducted a survey in August 2009, and found that 40% of Australians surveyed were unsure of what the term “Cloud Computing” really meant. You can read about it in our press release “Cloud Computing Causes Confusion”. You can also watch Salesforce’s video at the end of this post, which clearly explains the concept of cloud computing.

Our main experience with cloud computing is based on what works within the BPM industry. Cloud computing plays a large role in efficiently managing processes in real time. Businesses already using online workflow software “in the cloud” have found that their processes are streamlined, accountability improves and communications are enhanced.

Gartner vice president David Cearley warns that many businesses may be disappointed by not entering the cloud. “We believe that 20% of businesses will be using cloud computing as part of IT processes by 2012,” Cearley said.  “You hear a lot about cloud computing today, and we do think we’re going to see rapid growth over the next few years. By 2012, about 20% of user organisations will rely on the cloud model for significant parts of their IT environment.”

It’s worth knowing a little about cloud computing, especially now that Microsoft and Google are competing with each other. Find out how cloud computing can help your organisation, otherwise you, as the consumer, may lose out.  Some benefits of cloud computing are:

  • Easy access: Applications and data are easily accessed through a browser, in real-time from anywhere.
  • Scalable: Resources can be adapted according to demand.
  • Reduced IT demand: The vendor maintains the infrastructure, freeing IT staff to add more strategic value.
  • Easy: User-friendly interfaces when purchasing access or configuring applications make operations easy.
  • Cost: Fees based on usage or a subscription model, which means that costs are operating, and not capital, expenses.

Cloud computing and online workflow software may not be for every organisation. However, it has significantly improved the bottom line of many businesses that use Kontinuum, our online workflow software.

Watch the Salesforce video on cloud computing:


Cloud Computing Causes Confusion

August 6, 2009

Press Release

Melbourne, Australia: Workflow software firm, Web and Flo, have conducted their own Australian survey, after a UK study revealed that 41% of senior IT professionals don’t know what Cloud Computing is.

Web and Flo surveyed a range of their regular customers and colleagues and discovered similar results to that of the UK study.

UK based company, Version One, decided to carry out a survey amongst IT professionals after discovering that the term “cloud computing” caused confusion amongst senior professionals.

The results show that 41% of UK senior IT professionals do not know what cloud computing is, compared to 40% of Web and Flo’s Australian colleagues.

Of the 59% of UK participants who claim to know about Cloud Computing, 17% think that it means internet-based computing. However, of the 60% of Australian participants who think they understand the term, only 8% believe that cloud computing is internet-based computing.

The remaining participants (UK and Australia) believe that Cloud Computing is a combination of internet-based computing, software as a service (SaaS), software on demand, outsourced or managed services and hosted software services.

Wikipedia defines Cloud Computing as internet-based computing, with “cloud” being used as a metaphor for the Internet, and as an abstract term for the “complex infrastructure it conceals”.

Web and Flo’s Anna Fogarty said that the survey has highlighted a need for a single, common definition to be adopted by everyone, and that the media is confusing professionals by introducing too many buzz words. 

“Yesterday it was SaaS – today it is Cloud Computing.  The Business Process Management industry is suffering because there is no consistency in language or terms, which creates confusion for our customers,” said Fogarty.

“There are many different understandings of what cloud computing actually is. A clear definition, especially amongst IT professionals, is needed.”

“Web and Flo believes Cloud Computing is software delivered through internet.  It is an amazing revolution in the way we do business and should be embraced by businesses of all sizes.”

For those companies wanting to invest in Cloud Computing, the key benefits include a decrease in paper usage, reduction in infrastructure costs, reduction in IT Management costs, streamlining of processes and ease of use.   

Web and Flo would like to thank Version One for sharing the results of their Cloud Computing survey.

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