Trent Leyshan joins Web and Flo as Sales and Business Consultant

February 11, 2010


Melbourne, Australia: Web and Flo today announced the appointment of Trent Leyshan as Sales and Business Consultant.

Mr Leyshan joins Web and Flo to further enhance their drive for process improvement.

Web and Flo is committed to continuous process improvement and Mr Leyshan has been engaged to assist with the next phase of business expansion by streamlining sales processes, enhancing distribution channels and increasing market share.

Mr Leyshan brings a wealth of experience in enhancing sales and business processes gained from over 15 years of leading successful projects, teams and businesses within Australia.

Founder of BOOM! Sales and author of The Naked Salesman, Leyshan is highly specialised in the development of sales people, sales leaders, sales culture and team performance.

Web and Flo’s Commercial Director, Ms Anna Fogarty, said that Leyshan’s focus on process improvement and experience in sales makes him ideally suited to the sales and business role.

“Trent is successful at ensuring the optimum use of people to deliver solutions, as well as leading organisational change processes, both from within organisations and as a consultant. We’re delighted to have him on board.”

Ms Fogarty said that Web and Flo advise their clients to consistently evaluate and analyse their processes, in order to improve their bottom line.

“We are doing what we advise our clients to do. Web and Flo are constantly striving to improve our processes, and having Trent onboard will advance our already successful processes.”

Contact: Anna Fogarty, Commercial Director, Web and Flo. Tel: +61 3 8456 8997 Mobile: +61 405 131 557 (anytime)  anna.fogarty@webandflo.com, www.webandflo.com

About Web and Flo

Web and Flo provides innovative workflow software and business process management (BPM) consultancy to businesses in industries such as Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Education and Government. Web and Flo’s Workflow Management software, Kontinuum, is internationally recognised and is designed with the human end-user in mind. It is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere in the world in real time, as it is a purely web-based software solution.


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