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McDonald’s and Workflow: Every second counts

December 14, 2009
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McDonald's workflow: Every second counts

McDonald’s and Workflow

Every second counts. Each delay, bottleneck and unnecessary step reduces output and highlights the need for efficient workflow processes. McDonald’s has embraced the importance of managing processes, by ensuring that every second is accounted for in the making of each product.

Service time is critical to McDonald’s success, as McDonald’s tries to increase customer satisfaction within the competitive fastfood industry. The plan to get food to customers quicker, and keep increasing the market share that McDonald’s won in the recession, means that each second really does matter.

As part of McDonald’s ever-increasing process development, the company is testing a self-serve kiosk in Europe, which may prove popular with diners seeking to customize meals and limit their time in queues. The downside may be the time needed to read the screens of choices.  McDonald’s Director of operations and POS technology, Laurie Gilbert, said that the system is easy to learn and may cut as much as 10 seconds off the current workflow.  Approximately 5,000 restaurants out of the company’s 32,000 locations are trialling the new software.

McDonald’s currently aims to serve most customers within 90 seconds of taking their order. In order to speed up times at drive-through windows, staff at the McDonald’s Innovation Centre spent years incorporating an automated soda fountain that fills cups as soon as an order is placed into the workflow. When this same crew discovered that hot drinks needed more milk, they added refrigerated storage below the McCafe coffee makers to speed up efficiency. These two improved services have led to the processing of as many as five extra cars per hour in the drive-through queue.

The Innovation Centre has also redesigned an assembly area with three sides for staff to pack food into bags, while a new preparation table that holds 50 percent more burgers and chicken breasts is shaping up to be more energy efficient. The new preparation table also lifts the bread steamer to hip level so that workers avoid bending over for every order.
Staff at the Innovation centre gather orders, productivity and performance data to ensure that tests mirror the real world as closely as possible, plus they track the food to see where bottlenecks are most likely to occur. Once these bottlenecks have been identified, issues are fixed and efficient and proven workflow procedures are put in place.

McDonald’s realises the key to creating customer satisfaction within their market niche: Fast service and fast food. Without detailed workflow processes, McDonald’s is unlikely to be able to maintain their position within the fastfood industry.


Manage Your Processes From Anywhere

September 28, 2009
Manage Processes from Anywhere with Web-based Workflow Software

Manage Processes from Anywhere with Web-based Workflow Software

Can you access your systems from anywhere? Can you see at a glance what tasks are completed? Can you immediately tell which job is past its deadline?

With web-based online workflow software, you can log directly into your processes from your beach house, your local cafe or your home. You can immediately monitor tasks, reminders and processes from one central area.

Kontinuum’s web-based nature allows you to involve your staff, clients and alliance partners wherever they may be. Being web-based, Kontinuum supports the involvement of staff, clients and partners in your workflow regardless of location.

This allows clients to see status reports in real time instead of having to call you. Not only does this your provide clients with a better service – it also reduces the time and costs of chasing information for clients.


How Will Workflow Software Benefit my Organisation?

September 22, 2009
Online workflow software speeds up processes

Online workflow software speeds up processes

No matter what industry you are from, or what services you offer – all businesses can benefit from online workflow software.

A simple workflow can be in the form of the list or  the flow-chart you create to help yourself get on track with all of your tasks. If you are a sole-proprietor, a simple flowchart will work well. However, workflow software starts to make more sense when you need to manage staff, tasks and clients.

Let’s take a Graphic Design company as an example. In this case, there are five key players.

  1. Marketer
  2. Business Owner
  3. Graphic Designer 1 (Logo Specialist)
  4. Copywriter (Writes Sales Copy)
  5. Manager

The business owner wants a brochure and a logo. The marketer presents the confirmed request for logo design and a brochure. The Graphic Designer contacts the business owner, confirms the brief, and designs the logo.

The manager contacts the freelance copywriter and leaves a message on their mobile phone.

The graphic designer completes the logo and sends it to the manager for review, one day ahead of the deadline.

The manager then realises that the copywriter has not returned the initial call…

It turns out that the copywriter is on holiday. The marketer did receive a message from the copywriter earlier in the month – but things got too busy and the message was forgotten.

The marketer had to contact the business owner and explain that they were unable to meet the promised deadline.

Had this Graphic Design company used web-based, real-time workflow software – they would have immediately been able to see an overview of the task and realise that the copywriter was missing.

Web based workflow software is a vital component of your workflow management. Many businesses are outsourcing tasks and are often unaware of how the task is progressing.

Online workflow software allows you to see, at a glance, what tasks are outstanding. It can send reminders to all involved parties before the task is due and it can alert you when a deadline has been missed.


Online workflow

September 17, 2009

Workflow Management

The everyday jobs, routine processes and unique information that make your business successful can be viewed as an integral part of your business workflow management. Every business manages their processes differently.

Sometimes, companies may end up with outdated processes – or even find that nobody remembers why they do things in a particular way. It’s just always “been that way”.  Some businesses often find themselves with   unorganized business processes and have no consistency with their spreadsheets, forms or email templates.

Online Workflow Software

If you want to streamline your business operations, reduce labour costs and operational expenses – online workflow software can help your business boost its productivity, save time and reduce your running costs.

Online workflow software, or web based workflow software, is always live, always efficient and always up-to-date. It can be accessed from any computer, at any time and from any place.


Workflow and Pizza Capers

September 10, 2009
Efficient Workflow Processes Build Success

Efficient Workflow Processes Build Success

Have you ever wondered about the systems that fast food restaurants use? How can they accurately predict exactly how many seconds it takes to slice a pizza, or dress a burger?

Let’s look at Pizza Capers, the fourth fastest growing company in Australia. In 2008, Pizza Capers experienced growth of 107.44% and their revenue almost doubled to $17.9 million.

Pizza Capers provide a perfect example of how the successful implementation of efficient workflow boosts sales. Their processes are visible to all employees and are not stored in a manual, or carried around in someone’s head. Pizza Capers have researched and tested exactly how long every step takes to make their pizzas. They know exactly how long it takes for each pizza to cook, how many seconds it takes to slice a pizza and how long it takes to slide it into its box.

By implementing a concise workflow process, Pizza Capers are able to accurately identify bottlenecks and consistently incorporate tasks into a process management system that works.

If you go to Pizza Capers – you’ll be able to see your name and the exact time that your pizza will be ready on their visible flat screen monitor. They can provide this extra service to you, their customer, because they know exactly how long it will take to fulfil your order. How many times have you called for a pizza and they’ve said, “that will be 45 minutes” – and it was an hour?

Pizza Capers have made it easy for their customers to order and see the process in action. The company is no stranger to improving customer service by streamlining their processes. In fact, Pizza Capers were the first to implement an online pizza ordering system in Queensland in 2001. They have grown substantially since then, with plans to have 192 stores across Australia by 2010.

If Pizza Capers had substandard workflow processes and were not able to discover the best means of staff utilisation – it’s unlikely that they would be the successful business they are today.


Don’t make sudden workflow changes at once

August 14, 2009

Implement Workflow Solutions Strategically

Implement Workflow Solutions Strategically

While workflow systems are beneficial to organisations, their employees and customers alike, it is vital that the workflow solution chosen is implemented correctly by an experienced workflow expert – with the minimum amount of downtime.

Be wary of organisations providing workflow solutions that plan a complete overhaul of your systems at once, across all departments. A sudden, company-wide change that attempts too much too soon, will fail to deliver any savings or improved processes.

The higher the savings expected, the greater the change to the organisations. Too much change all at once over all departments is not ideal.

Rather, find a workflow solutions company that can implement improvement processes one at a time and can deliver these solutions quickly.

Undertaking one area at a time is the most beneficial, and has a higher success rate, than trying to solve all workflow problems at once. Implementing workflow solutions by following a stepped process, allows for speedier delivery of systems, far less downtime and faster results for the organisation.


Web and Flo Analysis

August 12, 2009
Don’t know where to start with workflow software? A Web and Flo Analyst can hold process discovery sessions to determine how your processes are actually being implemented by your staff.
Web and Flo will analyse these results to see where improvements should be made. Next, we ‘ll recommend which processes require expedient rework and how much real business value you should expect to gain.
Web and Flo will guide you every step of the way. Our support team are available when it suits you, plus we have step-by-step instructions and screen shots available on our website.