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Kontinuum Case Study – Time halved with workflow software

August 19, 2009

Allegro cuts time in half with Kontinuum

By using Kontinuum for centralised customer management and a web based automated booking process, Allegro found that they:

  • eliminated unnecessary steps;
  • reduced errors;
  • improved efficiency in their day to day operations and they are thrilled with the result.

“Web and Flo were quick to understand our business structure and have easily configured Kontinuum to suit our operation Kontinuum houses all of Allegro’s information in one location, allowing us to work offsite and to integrate new employees seamlessly. It more than halves the time taken for us to quote and confirm bookings. Thank you!”

– Heather Clarke Managing Director


What is BPM?

August 5, 2009
What is BPM?

What is BPM?

Wikipedia defines BPM (Business Process Management) as: 

“A process is a collection of related, structured activities that produce a service or product. These processes tend to get management’s attention because they are performed daily and their costs are not insignificant.”

Managing processes manually are considered BPM, even if they do not use technology. In a paper based environment, a paper documenting the process will be routed to correct people, so that they may follow it.

When changes are made to that process, a new documented process is presented for people to follow. 

BPM is, in essence, a workflow solution that can be either paper or software based.


Do you need to deliver more with less?

July 31, 2009
Kontinuum Workflow Software Improves Processes

Kontinuum Workflow Software Improves Processes

There are many cost advantages to deploying a Workflow Solution. Web and Flo’s flagship product, Kontinuum, can provide one system for all your different workflow applications, thus saving on the cost or purchasing and maintaining separate systems.

By using the Workflow Designer, your best practices are always followed as the business process is designed by you. This ensures that your users follow procedures, errors are reduced, and the company is run the way it is intended.

Kontinuum wizards enable you to cut the development time and cost of creating custom applications by up to 80%. Users with limited IT skills acn create their own web-based applications eliminating the need for expensive programmers.

Database structures can be created automatically, reducing the need for a database administrator. As Kontinuum is 100% browser based, there is no need for system upgrades, or dedicated servers.

Web and Flo’s flexible pricing allows you to only pay for users who use the system, and occasional users pay a greatly reduced rate. Coupled with Web and Flo’s site license, and hosted pricing, Web and Flo provides a cost effective solution whatever the size or the requirements of your business might be.

Give us a try! We can help you streamline your processes, reduce stress and save money.


Adapting to the changing needs of BPM

July 20, 2009

All businesses adapt and their requirements change. Workflow software meets the changing needs of your business processes through efficiency and automation. 

These include: 

  • The ability to build user-friendly workflows and applications;
  • Providing users with management tools, automated processes and integration with their current technologies;
  • A dashboard that displays an overall view of each workflow initiated;
  • A Wizard to make form creation, report generation and other information management tasks easy;
  • Easy monitoring of tasks and users.

Workflow software streamlines your processes and offering a complete and cost-effective solution.


IT Development and Workflow

June 18, 2009
Using Workflow Software for Your IT Team

Using Workflow Software for Your IT Team

You can adapt workflow solutions to improve any process, but using workflow within your IT team is particularly useful. 

You can track assignments, schedule resources, testing, bug fixes and any other tasks imperative to your projects.

Workflow software solutions allow you to have greater visibility over the project, as well as giving you superior flexibility with your processes.


What is Workflow?

May 11, 2009
Basic workflow

Basic workflow

What is workflow? A workflow is a logical set of steps that a system or person  must perform to reach an objective. Wiktionary defines workflow as a process or procedure in which tasks are completed, or the rate at which a flow of work takes place.[1]

Simply put, workflow is about always getting the right work to the right people at the right time on a consistent basis. An everyday example of workflow is a flowchart that defines players, actions, results, decisions and pathways.

For example, assume your company needs to get a website developed. Where do you start? Your employees are savvy enough to do the job, but who does what – and when?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What is the work?

  • A clearly defined action: build a website

2. Who needs to do the work?

  • The Design Team: Kim and Paul

3. What do they need to do the work?

  • A photographer and product specs

4. When do they need to do the work by?

  • Deadline: 30 June before new product launch on 15 July.

5. Who needs to approve the work?

  • Team leader: Kerry

6. Where does the completed work go?

  • The IT team: Shirley and Ben

7. Who uploads the site?

  • The IT Team: Shirley and Ben

8. Who tests the site?

  • The IT Team: Shirley and Ben
  • The Design Team: Kim and Paul
  • The Leader: Kerry
  • Sales Team: Janice and Jim
  • Rest of staff

Once you have answered these questions, you have workflow. A simple, once-off workflow like building a website may only require one process, or a simple flowchart pinned up on your office wall.

But what happens when you need to produce 100 websites? Or 1,000? How do you keep track of it all?

More soon, Flo 🙂