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Unsure About Workflow?

July 16, 2009

Do you want workflow software? Are you looking to adopt workflow software as part of your IT strategy but are unsure of its capabilities? Web and Flo offer a Proof of Concept exercise as a starting point when looking to implement workflow software.  

The Proof of Concept involves a few days of consultancy and development resulting in a workflow application available for you to trial.

A Proof of Concept exercise provides you with a low risk option to trial workflow software, allowing you to make a more informed decision.  Web and Flo follows a structured methodology to ensure the: 

  • Alignment of workflow with the high level goals;
  • Collection of high level business requirements and low level user requirements;
  • Understanding of users and roles within the process;
  • Documentation of business rules and logic associated with workflow;
  • Highlighting of areas of cost savings:
    • Automation
    • Elimination of double entry
    • Error reduction
    • Bottleneck reduction.

Workflow software will most certainly speed up your processes and provide you with an efficient BPM tool. If you would like to try a low-risk workflow option, give it a go today and contact us on: 1300 859 854.