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Workflow Monitoring

September 4, 2009



Workflow Monitoring

Web and Flo’s flagship product, Kontinuum allows you to create workflow models and diagrams that help you understand how information flows from:

  • human to human,
  • human to system
  • system to system

Kontinuum is a reporting and charting system, as well as a workflow monitoring system. It creates workflow applications that manage the human and system interaction.

Using a workflow software monitoring system allows you to immediately see the inefficiencies, bottlenecks and problems within your processes and can illustrate how best to solve them.


Workflow Management

August 17, 2009

You can improve and manage your business processes by using our workflow software – Kontinuum.

With a proven technology that increases efficiency, visibility, individual accountability and above all reduces costs, Web and Flo provides a complete workflow solution for your entire organisation.  Kontinuum, Web and Flo’s workflow management suite, allows you to create and manage workflow applications for your internal or external business processes.

Web and Flo focuses on providing solutions to small business units, SME’s and larger organisational business units. Web and Flo sets itself apart by the speed and cost in which it can deliver your solution.  Kontinuum delivers to you tangible process benefits within months after purchase.

It will cost you less than you think to speed up and improve your processes.


We don’t need workflow – or do we?

August 17, 2009

Workflow solutions can save your organization time and money. Consider that for every form or document generated in an organization, the following occurs:

  • 19 copies are made
  • 1 out of 20 are lost
  • 150 hours per year are spent looking for incorrectly filed papers
  • 25 hours are spent recreating documents

However, even when armed with the above knowledge, some businesses remain reluctant when it comes to change. Aiim spoke to executives from top organizations and discovered a variety of reasons why they are resistant to adopting workflow management systems.

Have a look at the Top 10 Excuses given by Executives for not Considering Workflow Management Systems:

  1. We usually can find the information we need when a customer calls. Sometimes it takes a while, but once we send out an email to all staff asking for the information, it usually shows up after a bit.
  2. No one will ever sue us.

Save money with workflow solutions

July 10, 2009
Easy design capability with good workflow software

Easy design capability with good workflow software

Do you need to deliver more with less?

There are many cost advantages to deploying a workflow software solution.  Efficient workflow software can provide one system for all your different workflow applications thus saving on the cost or purchasing and maintaining separate systems. 

Our workflow software, Kontinuum, has a built-in workflow designer. By using the  designer, your best practices are always followed as the business process is designed by you.  This ensures users follow procedures, errors are reduced, and the company is runs the way it is intended. 

Our design functionality enables you to cut the development time and cost of creating custom applications by up to 80% and develop applications internally. 

With Kontinuum, users with limited IT skills create their own web-based applications eliminating the need for expensive programmers. Furthermore, database structures are created automatically and a database administrator is no longer required. 

Good workflow software is 100% browser based, so there is no need for system upgrades, or dedicated servers. 


Web and Flo’s flexible pricing allows you to only pay for users who use the system, and occasional users pay a greatly reduced rate.  Coupled with Web and Flo’s site license, and hosted pricing Web and Flo provides a cost effective solution whatever the size or the requirements of your business might be.


Web-forms and workflow

July 9, 2009

When participating in a workflow, end users contribute information through web-forms.  

With web-forms you: 

  • Complete tasks by filling out simple or complex web-forms.
  • Answer questions and have the answers stored in a database. 
  • Place post-it notes on web-forms.
  • See a log of all changes to data within a web-form.
  • View help on a web-form to ensure its correct completion.
  • See informative error messages when web-forms are fill out incorrectly.
  • Approve and Reject web-forms.
  • Upload, check-in and check-out documents or files. 

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Manage your global team with workflow

July 8, 2009
Use web-based workflow software to manage time-differences

Use web-based workflow software to manage time-differences

The internet is a fantastic tool that has allowed us to work with people from all over the world. How do we manage our processes though? Time differences may mean that we never get to speak to our colleagues in Canada. The simple solution is having a real-time, web-based workflow application available for everyone to use.

Let’s say your graphic designer colleague in Canada does all of your company’s artwork. He’s never online when you are and you never quite know if you are going to get your designs on time.

By implementing an online workflow solution, you can track exactly how much work your colleague has done on any given task. A workflow application allows you to predict any future problems that may arise.

A web-based workflow application can send out reminder emails and overdue notices automatically, without you needing to keep track of tasks late at night.

Why wouldn’t you make your life easier – and get a good night’s sleep?

For great workflow software, check out our website.


Is everything running smoothly?

July 7, 2009
Getting things running smoothly with workflow

Getting things running smoothly with workflow


Your business processes can run smoothly by implementing a workflow solution.

Efficient workflow software helps your processes run smoothly by offering the following benefits:


  • Good workflow software has an inbuilt searching and filtering functionality which saves time when looking for information.
  • To avoid two people changing the same information at the same time, good workflow software locks data when you access it.
  • Workflow software checks answers against a set of possible answers or rules.  This ensures that all information in the system is correct and meaningful thus reducing errors.
  • An approval feature allows other members of organizations to approve information before it progresses, ensuring management or client approval is not bypassed.

The above benefits add to the overall effectiveness of implementing a professional workflow solution. The beauty of a workflow application is that every department within an organisation benefits from the the streamlining of processes. Communication is improved and bottlenecks are immediately visible, allowing problems to be solved before they cause a problem.