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Choose wisely…

May 28, 2009

While workflow solutions are beneficial to organisations, their employees and customers alike, it is vital that the workflow solution chosen is implemented correctly by an experienced workflow expert – with the minimum amount of downtime.

Be wary of organisations providing workflow solutions that plan a complete overhaul of your systems at once, across all departments.

A sudden, company-wide change that attempts too much too soon, will fail to deliver any savings or improved processes.

The higher the savings expected, the greater the change to the organisations. Too much change all at once over all departments is not ideal.

Rather, find a workflow solutions company that can implement improvement processes one at a time and can deliver these solutions quickly. Undertaking one area at a time is the most beneficial, and has a higher success rate, than trying to solve all workflow problems at once.

Implementing workflow solutions by following a stepped process, allows for speedier delivery of systems, far less downtime and faster results for the organisation.