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Improve Your Leave Request Processes

November 30, 2009

People often underestimate the time it takes to process leave requests within an organisation. The festive season brings about all sorts of leave requests, with some holidays planned months in advance. Other requests may come through at short notice. Web-based workflow software can reduce most of the headaches involved with the processing and approval of leave requests.

Leave requests are not always visible. People are often unable to see who has requested leave, when it’s for, and whether there are overlaps that could cause bottlenecks.

Ensure that your software does the following:

  1. Manages the workflow of leave requests (leave applications and approvals)
  2. Displays leave schedules in real time, using an easy-to-understand dashboard
  3. Manages employees leave balances by integrating with your HR system
  4. Updates your payroll automatically, according to leave schedules
  5. Monitors replacements for staff on leave
  6. Ensures traceability, tracking the process of requests and approval
  7. Delegates tasks automatically to the appropriate person when someone is on leave.

Every employee/manager saves time with an automated leave request, as well as being provided with instant feedback via email and seeing a real time view of their teams availability via their individual dashboard.

Automated leave tracking systems lead to a reduction in the number of unprocessed requests, so any requests not made deliberately, forgotten or neglected requests, lost requests or incorrectly entered requests are dramatically reduced.

Kontinuum is easy and simple to use. This simplicity is one of the main reasons why our clients have chosen Kontinuum to manage their leave requests. Contact us now if you want to improve your holiday and leave management processes.


Manage Your Leave Requests With Online Workflow

October 9, 2009
Manage Leave Requests with Online Workflow Software

Manage Leave Requests with Online Workflow Software

With Christmas rapidly approaching, requests for leave are on the rise.  Businesses need streamlined processes in order to handle multiple holiday requests each year. 

Web-based Workflow Software ensures that the necessary details are delivered at the right time to the right people within an organisation, speeding up the approval process and allowing business to continue without interruption.

Web-based Workflow Management Software provides a real-time overview of who is  approved for leave, which employee is waiting for approval – and the approval times and bottlenecks within the process.

Online Workflow facilitates and automates business processes that require tasks to be performed by people (such as leave requests).  Leave requests can be approved with ease, as the online workflow application will have already ensured that the employee has correctly completed the required forms necessary for approval.

By automating your leave processes with Web-Based Workflow Software, managers and employees are always aware of potential staff shortages and can prepare accordingly.