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Workflow and Security

July 21, 2009
Security and Workflow

Security and Workflow


Web-based workflow software has enormous benefits, such as real-time visual tracking and current task status. 

An online presence makes workflow processes a lot easier to manage, but one of the concerns about anything on the internet is online-safety. 

 One of the concerns that people have with web-based BPM software is its level of security. Web and Flo have ensured that our workflow software, Kontinuum, is secure by including the following:

A ‘Complex Password Mode’ that allows Administrators to switch the level of complexity of a user’s password.

  • Kontinuum offers SSL certificate for added security.
  • Kontinuum can integrate with Active Directory so users only have to remember one password.

Web-based workflow software is safe and easy to use. We consistently update our products to ensure online security, putting your mind at ease.


Building a website and workflow

July 13, 2009
Building websites using workflow

Building websites using workflow

Building a new website this weekend made me realise how important a workflow solution really is.

I should’ve known better, but I launched myself into the abyss with no plan or workflow schedule. Of course I can get this done in a weekend, I thought.

Design first, or content first? If you start the design first, all sorts of problems appear.

Things like:

  • The logo needs changing
  • The colours are wrong
  • How many content pages do I need?
  • What are the links?
  • How many menu items do I want?

Simple issues, maybe. But time-consuming and frustrating. Had I implemented a plan and streamlined my processes, I wouldn’t have been sitting in front of my computer at 2am this morning!

Workflow is beneficial to any project, no matter how small. A dashboard that shows you immediately what the scope of the project is, how far you are in the process – and what tasks still lie ahead, makes things clearer and less frustrating in the early hours of the morning.

Web and Flo will consult with you and find out what your specific needs are regarding complete workflow solutions. Check out our website for more information.


What is Workflow?

May 11, 2009
Basic workflow

Basic workflow

What is workflow? A workflow is a logical set of steps that a system or person  must perform to reach an objective. Wiktionary defines workflow as a process or procedure in which tasks are completed, or the rate at which a flow of work takes place.[1]

Simply put, workflow is about always getting the right work to the right people at the right time on a consistent basis. An everyday example of workflow is a flowchart that defines players, actions, results, decisions and pathways.

For example, assume your company needs to get a website developed. Where do you start? Your employees are savvy enough to do the job, but who does what – and when?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What is the work?

  • A clearly defined action: build a website

2. Who needs to do the work?

  • The Design Team: Kim and Paul

3. What do they need to do the work?

  • A photographer and product specs

4. When do they need to do the work by?

  • Deadline: 30 June before new product launch on 15 July.

5. Who needs to approve the work?

  • Team leader: Kerry

6. Where does the completed work go?

  • The IT team: Shirley and Ben

7. Who uploads the site?

  • The IT Team: Shirley and Ben

8. Who tests the site?

  • The IT Team: Shirley and Ben
  • The Design Team: Kim and Paul
  • The Leader: Kerry
  • Sales Team: Janice and Jim
  • Rest of staff

Once you have answered these questions, you have workflow. A simple, once-off workflow like building a website may only require one process, or a simple flowchart pinned up on your office wall.

But what happens when you need to produce 100 websites? Or 1,000? How do you keep track of it all?

More soon, Flo 🙂