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Adapting to the changing needs of BPM

July 20, 2009

All businesses adapt and their requirements change. Workflow software meets the changing needs of your business processes through efficiency and automation. 

These include: 

  • The ability to build user-friendly workflows and applications;
  • Providing users with management tools, automated processes and integration with their current technologies;
  • A dashboard that displays an overall view of each workflow initiated;
  • A Wizard to make form creation, report generation and other information management tasks easy;
  • Easy monitoring of tasks and users.

Workflow software streamlines your processes and offering a complete and cost-effective solution.


Business Process Management ctnd…

June 16, 2009

Articles on BPM and BPM pundits tend to focus on two areas – the people and the technology.

The ‘people’ level

 BPM could be a philosophy. Management could be saying to underlings that they want their business processes managed more effectively.
A process owner could be managing their own business processes. They may define it, measure it [see how long the process takes], and look for trouble spots. Likely, they will look to make improvements to the process.
Managing processes manually are considered BPM, even if they do not utilize technology. In this paper based environment, a paper documenting the process will be routed to the people in the process so that they may follow it. When you make changes to that process, you will distribute the new documented process for them to follow.

The ‘technology’ level

 Many see BPM Software as BPM. They will skip over the people level and go right for the technology. Some see that information moves between enterprise software packages and immediately think of SOA [Services Oriented Architecture].
While some believe that modeling is the only way to create that ‘perfect’ process, so they think of modeling as BPM.

All of these concepts go into the definition of Business Process Management.

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