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3 Benefits of Workflow Software

September 2, 2009

Workflow software enhances your capabilities, allowing you to create new working environments that define your business process and tasks, as well as execute and run these tasks through your current applications.

Workflow software offers the following benefits:

  1. Improves productivity – Automated workflows mean less time spent on manual tasks.
  2. Visibility – A dashboard allows managers or key employees to see the critical processes at every point, identifying problems and bottlenecks.
  3. Improves Accountability – Monitoring and measuring productivity in real time (web-based) means that accountability automatically improves.  

About Web and Flo

August 10, 2009
Web and Flo's Workflow Software

Web and Flo's Workflow Software

We thought that we’d let you know a little about Web and Flo.

Web and Flo was incorporated in 2001 by Anna Fogarty and Craig Cameron. Their flagship product, Kontinuum, was launched in 2004. As the only Australian, purely web-based workflow software, Web and Flo discovered that their product was in high demand.

Kontinuum fills a high-demand gap in the Workflow Software market by providing scalable and cost effective workflow solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

Web and Flo provide solutions to Top 100 companies in Australia, Asia Pacific, United States and the United Kingdom. Their competitors are unable to scale to handle smaller implementations, whereas Web and Flo’s Kontinuum can be customised efficiently and cost-effectively for any business.

Implementing a workflow solution improves your bottom line and is far more cost-effective than you think.

Check out our website for more details.


Why Use Workflow Software?

August 3, 2009

One of the many benefits in using Workflow Software, is that it increases the efficiency of business processes. Workflow management software automates many of the daily tasks that employees need to perform, making it simpler and easier for them to keep on track.

Workflow Software also works as a tracking tool, keeping a log of all the activities from different departments. Web based software, like Web and Flo’s Kontinuum, will track all entries in real time, immediately making any problems or bottlenecks apparent.  

Among other benefits, Workflow Software speeds up your business processes and improves your organisation’s communication and tracking procedures.


Workflow and Web-based Reports

July 29, 2009
Kontinuum workflow web-based real time

Kontinuum workflow web-based real time

Efficient workflow software reporting gives you the ability to:

  • Access real time reports over the web.
  • Use the built-in data warehouse capabilities for complex data analysis.
  • View easy to understand graphical charts.

Ensure that your chosen workflow software presents your data in real time and that your information is easy to read and understand.

Kontinuum, our web-based workflow software fits the bill…