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Reduce Waste with Lean Manufacturing

February 18, 2010
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Watch your profits soar with lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy that helps businesses remove wastefulness.

With changing times, rapid technological advances and intensifying needs, businesses are facing efficiency and profitability challenges.  Adopting a lean manufacturing strategy will help businesses initiate solutions to these challenges.

For example, a simple reshuffling of layout within departments can ensure that the necessary processes feed directly into each other, maintaining efficient workflow, without wasting time and energy on interruptions between processes.

Implementing lean manufacturing drastically aids in the streamlining of operations and reduction of waste. It consistently focuses on the areas most noted for wasting time, energy and resources, namely transportation, waiting time, complaints, lost paperwork, overproduction, inventory and over processing.

The benefits of adopting a lean manufacturing strategy can be noted almost immediately.

Lean manufacturing:

  • streamlines operations
  • strengthens production processes
  • reduces wasteful habits
  • increases flexibility by improving layouts
  • reduces floor space needs
  • speeds up delivery times
  • reduces bottlenecks

Lean manufacturing provides businesses with the tools to succeed in the increasingly competitive global market, which demands faster turnarounds, superior quality and lower prices. Embracing a lean manufacturing work ethic ensures that your workflow processes will improve and you will see astounding results almost immediately.

Web and Flo are leading Australian experts in improving processes. Their signature workflow management software, Kontinuum, is used by businesses of all sizes. Web and Flo offer a FULL process improvement solution, specifically tailored to your needs, including definition, documentation, design, build and deployment.


New Year Processes

January 18, 2010
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Improve Efficiency in 2010

Oscar Wilde wrote: A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.

The origin of New Year’s resolutions dates back as far as the early Babylonians. They believed that a person’s actions on the first day of the New Year affected what they would do throughout the year.

Of the 45 percent of the population that make New Year’s resolutions, a whopping 75 percent of these are never fulfilled. If your New Year’s resolution is to improve your processes and become more efficient – don’t become one of the statistics! Get some help and just do it!

Web and Flo provide BPM solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our workflow management software, Kontinuum, can be easily customised to reflect your own branding.


City of Melbourne Awards Business Expansion Grant to Web and Flo

September 8, 2009

Melbourne, Australia: The City of Melbourne has awarded workflow software company, Web and Flo, a Business Expansion Grant.

The Melbourne company will receive the maximum available amount of $30,000 to continue their expansion within the workflow and BPM software industry.

The funding is available twice a year to small businesses currently located in the City of Melbourne, and encourages a thriving and competitive business environment.

Web and Flo were assessed against the Small Business Grants objectives and application criteria. An external Independent Review Panel considered their application and recognised that Web and Flo offered a valuable contribution to the achievement of the program objectives.

Amongst other things, the planned $30,000 expansion will see the creation of a new website with additional online demonstrations of their flagship product, Kontinuum. This will provide customers with the opportunity to better understand workflow software and see how it can benefit their organisation.

Web and Flo’s Commercial Director, Anna Fogarty, said that they are delighted to have been given the opportunity to expand and extend their workflow software market.

“The City of Melbourne Business Expansion Grant has ensured that we can keep abreast of new developments and provide even better service to our clients,” said Fogarty.

The expansion grant forms part of the City of Melbourne’s Business Development Fund, which directly supports economic and business growth in the municipality.

Small businesses can apply for the grant if they have a demonstrated level of business success, supported by financial documentation and the capacity to promptly execute the activities funded by the grant.

Contact: Anna Fogarty, Commercial Director, Web and Flo. Tel: +61 3 8456 8997 Mobile: +61 405 131 557 (anytime),

For more information on The City of Melbourne’s Grants, click here.

Web and Flo provides innovative workflow software and business process management (BPM) consultancy to businesses in industries such as Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Education and Government. Web and Flo’s Workflow Management software, Kontinuum, is internationally recognised and is designed with the human end-user in mind. It is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere in the world in real time, as it is a purely web-based software solution.


Kontinuum Case Study – Time halved with workflow software

August 19, 2009

Allegro cuts time in half with Kontinuum

By using Kontinuum for centralised customer management and a web based automated booking process, Allegro found that they:

  • eliminated unnecessary steps;
  • reduced errors;
  • improved efficiency in their day to day operations and they are thrilled with the result.

“Web and Flo were quick to understand our business structure and have easily configured Kontinuum to suit our operation Kontinuum houses all of Allegro’s information in one location, allowing us to work offsite and to integrate new employees seamlessly. It more than halves the time taken for us to quote and confirm bookings. Thank you!”

– Heather Clarke Managing Director


We don’t need workflow – or do we?

August 17, 2009

Workflow solutions can save your organization time and money. Consider that for every form or document generated in an organization, the following occurs:

  • 19 copies are made
  • 1 out of 20 are lost
  • 150 hours per year are spent looking for incorrectly filed papers
  • 25 hours are spent recreating documents

However, even when armed with the above knowledge, some businesses remain reluctant when it comes to change. Aiim spoke to executives from top organizations and discovered a variety of reasons why they are resistant to adopting workflow management systems.

Have a look at the Top 10 Excuses given by Executives for not Considering Workflow Management Systems:

  1. We usually can find the information we need when a customer calls. Sometimes it takes a while, but once we send out an email to all staff asking for the information, it usually shows up after a bit.
  2. No one will ever sue us.

Business Process Management ctnd…

June 16, 2009

Articles on BPM and BPM pundits tend to focus on two areas – the people and the technology.

The ‘people’ level

 BPM could be a philosophy. Management could be saying to underlings that they want their business processes managed more effectively.
A process owner could be managing their own business processes. They may define it, measure it [see how long the process takes], and look for trouble spots. Likely, they will look to make improvements to the process.
Managing processes manually are considered BPM, even if they do not utilize technology. In this paper based environment, a paper documenting the process will be routed to the people in the process so that they may follow it. When you make changes to that process, you will distribute the new documented process for them to follow.

The ‘technology’ level

 Many see BPM Software as BPM. They will skip over the people level and go right for the technology. Some see that information moves between enterprise software packages and immediately think of SOA [Services Oriented Architecture].
While some believe that modeling is the only way to create that ‘perfect’ process, so they think of modeling as BPM.

All of these concepts go into the definition of Business Process Management.

See the full article on our website here.