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June 30, 2009

NEWS RELEASE – 30 June 2009

Melbourne: Web and Flo, Australian supplier of the web-based workflow software Kontinuum, has been awarded a contract to implement its workflow solutions within the Department of Defence.

The Australian National Codification Bureau (NCB), an element of the Defence Materiel Organisation, required a solution that would streamline its existing systems and implement a standard process for task management and reporting across the whole of its operations.

Deputy Director of Codification Services of the Department of Defence, Andy Mudie, said the NCB is looking to improve the delivery of codification services by balancing workload across all resources.

“We are looking to gain efficiencies across the organisation, as well as to gain better reporting of the business.”

Implementing a solution in an enterprise the size and scope of the NCB brings with it many challenges.

There is a pervasive need for appropriate access to accurate information, together with responsible information management.

Web and Flo’s unique solutions work particularly well in challenging situations, because their approach to Process Improvement is unlike their competitors.

Director Anna Fogarty said that one of Web and Flo’s main draw cards is that solutions are implemented quickly, with very little down time or disruption to the organisation.

This is particularly useful in an organisation like Defence where security and legal risks are high.

“We tackle one problem at a time, which is the best method for Process Improvement, and provide a tailored approach for each company. We also take into account the fact that most businesses cannot afford to have lengthy disruptions to their workflow, so we provide our tactical solutions quickly using stepped processes to minimise downtime,” Fogarty said.

“We are looking forward to a long-standing relationship with the Department of Defence.”


Contact: Anna Fogarty, Commercial Director, Web and Flo. Tel: +61 3 8456 8997

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