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Accountability and Workflow Software

October 1, 2009

Are things falling through the cracks?

The difficulty with relying on traditional systems is that while they provide a way for users to complete their tasks – they do not ensure the tasks are accomplished.

The best online workflow software uses task lists and escalation rules, so things that need to be done always get done. Kontinuum uses  Audit Trails  to identify inefficiencies in workflows and Performance Reporting to see who is missing deadlines. Kontinuum highlights who has a low throughput and finds the bottlenecks.

You can boost accountability with Kontinuum workflow software, as you can track who created, updated, deleted and approved information – allowing you to identify who is holding up your processes.


Workflow Management

August 17, 2009

You can improve and manage your business processes by using our workflow software – Kontinuum.

With a proven technology that increases efficiency, visibility, individual accountability and above all reduces costs, Web and Flo provides a complete workflow solution for your entire organisation.  Kontinuum, Web and Flo’s workflow management suite, allows you to create and manage workflow applications for your internal or external business processes.

Web and Flo focuses on providing solutions to small business units, SME’s and larger organisational business units. Web and Flo sets itself apart by the speed and cost in which it can deliver your solution.  Kontinuum delivers to you tangible process benefits within months after purchase.

It will cost you less than you think to speed up and improve your processes.


About Web and Flo

August 10, 2009
Web and Flo's Workflow Software

Web and Flo's Workflow Software

We thought that we’d let you know a little about Web and Flo.

Web and Flo was incorporated in 2001 by Anna Fogarty and Craig Cameron. Their flagship product, Kontinuum, was launched in 2004. As the only Australian, purely web-based workflow software, Web and Flo discovered that their product was in high demand.

Kontinuum fills a high-demand gap in the Workflow Software market by providing scalable and cost effective workflow solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

Web and Flo provide solutions to Top 100 companies in Australia, Asia Pacific, United States and the United Kingdom. Their competitors are unable to scale to handle smaller implementations, whereas Web and Flo’s Kontinuum can be customised efficiently and cost-effectively for any business.

Implementing a workflow solution improves your bottom line and is far more cost-effective than you think.

Check out our website for more details.


Do you need to deliver more with less?

July 31, 2009
Kontinuum Workflow Software Improves Processes

Kontinuum Workflow Software Improves Processes

There are many cost advantages to deploying a Workflow Solution. Web and Flo’s flagship product, Kontinuum, can provide one system for all your different workflow applications, thus saving on the cost or purchasing and maintaining separate systems.

By using the Workflow Designer, your best practices are always followed as the business process is designed by you. This ensures that your users follow procedures, errors are reduced, and the company is run the way it is intended.

Kontinuum wizards enable you to cut the development time and cost of creating custom applications by up to 80%. Users with limited IT skills acn create their own web-based applications eliminating the need for expensive programmers.

Database structures can be created automatically, reducing the need for a database administrator. As Kontinuum is 100% browser based, there is no need for system upgrades, or dedicated servers.

Web and Flo’s flexible pricing allows you to only pay for users who use the system, and occasional users pay a greatly reduced rate. Coupled with Web and Flo’s site license, and hosted pricing, Web and Flo provides a cost effective solution whatever the size or the requirements of your business might be.

Give us a try! We can help you streamline your processes, reduce stress and save money.


Building a website and workflow

July 13, 2009
Building websites using workflow

Building websites using workflow

Building a new website this weekend made me realise how important a workflow solution really is.

I should’ve known better, but I launched myself into the abyss with no plan or workflow schedule. Of course I can get this done in a weekend, I thought.

Design first, or content first? If you start the design first, all sorts of problems appear.

Things like:

  • The logo needs changing
  • The colours are wrong
  • How many content pages do I need?
  • What are the links?
  • How many menu items do I want?

Simple issues, maybe. But time-consuming and frustrating. Had I implemented a plan and streamlined my processes, I wouldn’t have been sitting in front of my computer at 2am this morning!

Workflow is beneficial to any project, no matter how small. A dashboard that shows you immediately what the scope of the project is, how far you are in the process – and what tasks still lie ahead, makes things clearer and less frustrating in the early hours of the morning.

Web and Flo will consult with you and find out what your specific needs are regarding complete workflow solutions. Check out our website for more information.


Manufacturing Change Requests

July 6, 2009
Easy workflow with Kontinuum

Easy workflow with Kontinuum

Are all your requests coming through on paper? Are they becoming to difficult to maintain and control the status of?

If so, a workflow application can assist you by involving your customers in the process, giving them access to log their own requests, and then letting a workflow application move the request to the right department, ensuring it goes through all the appropriate quality testing.

Check out our flagship product, Kontinuum here. Kontinuum is easily implemented and runs in real-time.


Did you know that you can custom-style your workflow applications?

July 3, 2009

You can! Style sheets and templates change the look and feel of your workflow applications.  You can create your own or modify the ones provided to reinforce your own corporate identity. 

If you corporate colours are lime-green and orange (and you’re not too concerned about eye-strain), your workflow applications can be adapted to your colours.

Here are a few examples:

Default style sheet and template for Kontinuum v2005

Default style sheet and template for Kontinuum v2005

Kontinuum templated and style sheet: Soft grey template

Kontinuum template and style sheet: Soft grey template







Just another great feature of Kontinuum Workflow Software. If you’d like to know more, check out our website.

Until tomorrow,