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About Web and Flo

August 10, 2009
Web and Flo's Workflow Software

Web and Flo's Workflow Software

We thought that we’d let you know a little about Web and Flo.

Web and Flo was incorporated in 2001 by Anna Fogarty and Craig Cameron. Their flagship product, Kontinuum, was launched in 2004. As the only Australian, purely web-based workflow software, Web and Flo discovered that their product was in high demand.

Kontinuum fills a high-demand gap in the Workflow Software market by providing scalable and cost effective workflow solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

Web and Flo provide solutions to Top 100 companies in Australia, Asia Pacific, United States and the United Kingdom. Their competitors are unable to scale to handle smaller implementations, whereas Web and Flo’s Kontinuum can be customised efficiently and cost-effectively for any business.

Implementing a workflow solution improves your bottom line and is far more cost-effective than you think.

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Is everything running smoothly?

June 24, 2009

Improve Efficiency with Workflow

Improve Efficiency with Workflow

Maybe things are running smoothly. But perhaps they’re not as streamlined as you’d like them to be. Workflow software’s main benefit is increasing efficiency.


Our flagship workflow software, Kontinuum, ensures that you save time, capture and use the correct information, and speed up approval times.

Save Time

Kontinuum‘s inbuilt searching and filtering functionality saves time when looking for information. To avoid two people changing the same information at the same time, Kontinuum locks data when you access it.

Correct Information

Kontinuum checks answers against a set of possible answers or rules. This ensures that all information in the system is correct and meaningful thus reducing errors.

Approval Feature

Kontinuum’s approval feature allows other members to approve information before it progresses, ensuring management or client approval is not bypassed.

Workflow solutions provide many benefits, often with immediate results.

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Software Guru Heads up U.S. Web and Flo

June 1, 2009

Software guru, Alan Graubard, will manage Web and Flo’s U.S. division as from today.

Workflow software needs are bucking the recession and are higher in demand than ever before. Web and Flo in Melbourne fielded enquiries from the U.S. about their workflow software solutions for over four years, before launching into Texas with their Kontinuum Workflow software.